Friday, April 22, 2011

Lisa Falkenberg in the Houston Chronicle writes today

that the late Steve Murdock (official Texas State Demographer) stated in 2009  "Texas is not globally competitive.  The state faces a downward spiral of both quality of life and economic competitiveness if it fails to educate more of its growing population."

Falkenberg is giving us a scenario about the future when things are going to really be bad -  in an economy where success if about people buying things, uneducated people - like the many we'll see in Texas in a few years "the Starving Texas education produced a startling outcome:  more uneducated Texans.  And uneducated people can't get good jobs, pay taxes, buy cars, and the computers and the new iPhone 34s that businesses are selling.  They can't help the state compete in a global economy."

This future is scary.  We don't seem to want to change our chances for failure because we love Gov. Perry and we love our legislators.... after all we keep electing them.

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