Friday, April 1, 2011

Why is DREAM Act Texas posting an article on saving the Rain Forests of the world?


1.  Rain Forests are the lungs of world:  they take CO2 (carbon dioxide) out of the air.
2.  Carbon Dioxide is the main global warming gas.
3.  Plants that are used for life saving medications have been discovered in the Rain Forests.
4.  Their existence greatly affects the climate of the world.
5.  When Rain Forests are cut down the Earth gets warmer.


A historic move in the battle to save tropical rainforests

Guyana and Norway in the second stage of a deal whereby Norway would make annual payments to Guyana to keep its forests
Jungle: trees in the rainforest
Norway and Guyana are at the second stage of a deal to save Guyana's rainforests. Photograph: Paul A Souders/Corbis

This week a further historic step is taken in the battle to hang on the world's remaining tropical rainforests. It is unlikely to make too many headlines, but on Friday two countries will take forward the kind of arrangement that many have talked about but few have had the boldness to actually do.

Guyana and Norway's leadership is seen in the second stage of a ground-breaking deal through which one (Norway) makes annual payments to the other (Guyana) to keep its forests. The amount of money to change hands is calculated on the basis of how well Guyana has done in holding back deforestation, and the value of that in terms of avoided carbon dioxide emissions. A complex calculation is made to determine how well the recipient country has done but this year $40m is being transferred...more

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