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Mis-Information on U.S. Immigration Policy

The Houston Chronicle ran an article a few days ago on DREAMers, undocumented college students.  Today the Chronicle published a number of Letters to the Editor....  the contents of the letters shocked me.  I didn't realize there are so many people out there that have such wrong information...  See DREAM Act Texas' response in bold after each letter:


Undocumented students

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April 20, 2011, 7:50PM

Houston Chronicle:
Regarding "Illegal in the light of day" (Page A1, Saturday), your picture on the front page did not elicit sympathy, only nausea.

Law-abiding Americans have no sympathy for criminals. Furthermore, the claim by liberals that education is a basic human right is incorrect. No American has the right to be given money that has been forcibly extorted from other Americans, but most of us will tolerate it to a point.

But having our money forcibly taken from us to be given to trespassing foreigners is infuriating to say the least.
Why don't liberals give their money to these causes and issues they feel so strongly about? They care enough to give my money, but not quite enough to give their own.

Boyd Cates,Conroe
DREAM Act Texas

Crossing into the U.S. without a valid visa IS NOT a criminal offense.  It is a civil offense - a misdemeanor.   Not only that, how can you call a child of 2 a criminal if they were brought by adults into this country?  

Undocumented immigrants actually give money to our economy - literally "give" -- they pay social security taxes that they cannot retrieve.... billions of dollars a year are going into the social security fund from people who are here without papers.  

As for "giving money to the system" --  the kids who get an education and can use it will pay much more in taxes than those who will be stuck selling ice cream from a 3 wheel bicycle.  

Houston Chronicle:
Kids not to blame
We should be humbled in the face of the courage shown by each undocumented student who recently publicly testified about his situation.

I am as strongly against illegal aliens as anyone else. It is imperative that we control our own borders if we are to survive as a nation. But children are not responsible for the crimes committed by their parents; nor do they have much choice except to go where their parents take them.

It is unconscionable for us to punish children for the sins of their parents, yet it seems that is precisely what we are doing.

Sending them back to the land of their parents is committing as grave a wrong as their parents did when they first violated the law in coming and staying here.

There is a simple solution: If these students have graduated high school and have never committed a crime, give them permission to serve in the armed forces. If one has physical barriers, then find some other way for him to serve this nation. After four years of honorable service, grant them citizenship. They will have paid a price to be Americans which most of their citizenship-holding peers absolutely refuse, even during this time of war. They will have earned their place here, and I for one would be happy to welcome them.
Lynn K. Circle,Houston

DREAM Act Texas

Yes, the military option is something to consider.  Currently it is part of the DREAM Act legislative package.
As for the term "illegal aliens"  -  sounds like you are talking about people with two heads and three eyes instead of human beings.  The term "undocumented" is less insultive -- just a thought.

 Houston Chronicle:
The law is the law
Regarding "Some DREAM students face nightmare scenarios" (Page B9, April 6), while I do have sympathy, my question is why have they done nothing about it themselves?

If they have been here for years, why haven't they or their parents taken the steps to become American citizens? We have fair immigration laws, and there are steps that can be taken. Yet their parents made a conscious decision to break the law when they came to this country and then do nothing, hoping that somewhere along the way they will get the free pass.

The law is the law and they are illegal immigrants. Blame their parents, but the reality is, they have imposed on my rights as an American citizen and taxpayer in having to pay for their education and other benefits they may be availing themselves of.

I am a law-abiding American citizen and taxpayer. Why am I continually asked to help the noncitizens in this country? We have laws. If not, then why do I bother to follow them? I suspect that if I didn't or refused to pay taxes, then I would be thrown in jail. I would be un-American. There may be a need for immigration reform, but until changes are made, the law must be followed.
Gregory Zissa,Houston

DREAM Act Texas

You wonder "why have they done nothing about it themselves?"  This is because there IS NO SOLUTION.  It is nearly impossible for a person who is poor to regularize (become a legal resident) in the U.S.  The only people that can actually work things out are famous people (soccer stars, singers, wealthy corporate types) -  you can see that the Woodlands is full of them... there was an article in one of the newspapers on this a couple of years ago.  If you are from India and you have the money to buy a convenience store you can bring your family "legally" -- but your everyday person would find it impossible.

Yes of course the families try.  Sometimes they have a grandfather who can "sponsor" them -  they pay thousands of dollars to apply and also to pay a lawyer.... in some cases the grandfather dies and the family is left stranded and without all that money.  

By the way, undocumented people pay taxes...  They get paychecks that have Federal withholding and Social Security withholding-  When they rent apartments or homes, the real estate taxes paid by their landlords is included in the rent.  When they buy something at Target or Walmart they pay sales tax just like you and I do.  When they buy gasoline they pay the same taxes per gallon that we all so....  So why wouldn't they be able to benefit from public education since they pay taxes too?

 Houston Chronicle:
Beating system
These college students use the term illegal (unlawful) as a badge of honor.
They have beaten the system and are really not worried because they know that they will not be deported.
Have they, as educated people, tried to become American citizens? Have their parents tried, or are they trying, to become American citizens?
Becoming an American citizen is an honor; it's not easy, but it can be done.
Pilar Garcia,Pasadena

DREAM Act Texas

Again as mentioned previously.... they cannot become American citizens because they cannot even get their residency papers.  Don't you think they would do anything possible to regularize?  Who would want a life where you never know if something might happen that will send your parents back to Mexico -  or you might get sent to a place you left when you were 2?

They may be educated, but if they can't vote, or hold a professional job, there is nothing they can do. They cannot even volunteer for the U.S. Armed Forces if they don't have papers.  

How can a person get their papers?

Marry an American - and it better be a "marriage for real" because ICE will get you if it isn't
Then, if you came to the U.S. without a visa, you have to go back to your home country for months and months while the U.S. works your application - and who would want to go to Mexico these days?

Graduating with a 4.0 from a good university with a degree in Engineering ISN"T ENOUGH.  These kids are people without a country, and there is nothing in their power they can do to get their papers.  

It is amazing what kind of misinformation is out there about immigration policy.  Its is sad that there is so much rage.  

If you don't believe the information you find on DREAM Act Texas, take a look at a blog from the University of California-Davis Law School Immigration Center - one of the most respected law programs in the nation.  Their link is

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