Monday, December 17, 2007

9 Things Every DREAMER Should Know

If you are undocumented please read the following information:

If you do not have legal immigration status in the United States, you are at risk. Keep these points in mind:

1. If approached by immigration authorities, do not sign any papers and do not talk to them unless you check with a lawyer first.

2. Stay out of trouble with the law. This means don't speed (especially in school zones), do not run yellow lights, be sure to halt completely at stop signs. DRIVE DEFENSIVELY - it has been known that some DREAMERS who are involved in auto accidents that are not their fault have still been deported. In some places, police will hand your name over to immigration authorities. In many places, the police will not do that – but if you commit a crime, that will make it harder to get legal status in the future.

3. If you are charged with a crime, make sure your lawyer knows your immigration status. That will allow them to best help you.

4. Don’t cross the border. Once you leave the country, you can’t legally re-enter the U.S.

5. If you are working illegally, you should still pay taxes. This will improve your chances of getting legal papers in the future.

6. If you’re male, register for the “Selective Service” when you turn 18. The immigration police will NOT see your information. Like paying taxes, this will make it easier to get legal papers in the future.

7. If at all possible, try to become a legal resident.

8. Having a child will not help you become legal. Some people believe this, but it is not true. A child can only help its parent get papers if the child is over 21 years old.

9. Do not lie and say you are a U.S. citizen when you are not. This could hurt your chances of ever getting a green card or get you deported.

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