Friday, January 11, 2008

Immigrant Baiting in Indiana For the Rule of Law

State of Indiana in orange

Today a DREAMER sent me a communication from an Indiana state legislative assistant. A state senator named Delp has proposed an anti-immigration plan that would models some of the worst anti-immigration laws in the country. Delp represents Hamilton and Marion counties.

The first hearing on Indiana SB335l is scheduled for Wednesday, January 16 at 9:00 a.m.
in the Senate Committee on Pensions & ampLabor


Delph files legislation to rid Indiana of illegal immigration

Punishes those that profit from employing below- market cost labor

(STATEHOUSE) — Sen. Mike Delph (R-Carmel) filed one of the toughest illegal immigration measures in the country aimed at punishing those who harbor, transport or employ illegal immigrants. Senate Bill 335 is modeled after laws in Arizona, Georgia, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

"It's time we unite as Hoosiers to uphold and enforce the rule of law.  No longer should we tolerate the failure of the federal government to protect our borders and ensure our national security," Delph said. "We have a proud tradition in this country of being a nation of immigrants, the great melting pot. But we also have a proud tradition and respect for one of the basic and fundamental pillars of democracy, the respect for the rule of law. It is intolerable that the Federal government has allowed the erosion of that respect, and as a result, now states like Indiana must stand and offer assistance."

Highlights of Delph's bill include:

· Requiring the Superintendent of State Police to negotiate a
Memorandum of Understanding with the federal government to assist with
enforcement of federal immigration and customs law;

· Prohibiting a person from knowingly employing an unauthorized alien;

· Requiring the Attorney General to investigate complaints of
violation of the law and local prosecutors to file actions against
those who knowingly violate the law;

· Requiring a court to hold a hearing, make a determination and:

o Order the employer to terminate employment, sign an affidavit
with court, be placed on probation for three years, order the
suspension of all licenses to operate in the state of Indiana if
perpetrator fails to sign an affidavit with the court (first

o Revoke all licenses to operate in the State of Indiana if
second offense occurs during probationary period (second violation).

· Prohibiting any unit of government, state or local, from entering into or continuing a public contract with a firm that employs an illegal alien;

· Requiring all hospitals to report total costs of care of the illegal alien population to the Indiana State Department of Health;

· Requiring employers to verify employment eligibility through the federal pilot program after Dec. 31, 2008; and

· Makes it a Class A Misdemeanor against those found guilty of transporting, shielding from detection, concealing, or harboring an illegal alien. Subsequent offenses would be a class D or C felony.

SB 335 will be heard in the Senate Committee on Pensions & Labor on Wednesday, January 16 at 9:00 a.m.

"All citizens who are concerned about illegal immigration are
encouraged to come to the Statehouse next Wednesday and voice their
opinions during the hearing," Delph said.

Delph's second author on the legislation is Sen. Vi Simpson
(D-Bloomington). They are also joined by Senators Jim Arnold
(D-LaPorte), Richard Bray (R-Martinsville), Vaneta Becker
(R-Evansville), Phil Boots (R-Crawfordsville), Ed Charbonneau
(R-Valparaiso), Jeff Drozda (R-Westfield), Beverly Gard
(R-Greenfield), Dennis Kruse (R-Auburn), Brent Steele (R-Bedford),
Greg Walker (R-Columbus), Brent Waltz (R-Greenwood), John Waterman
(R-Shelburn) and Mike Young (R-Indianapolis).

Delph serves as a member of the Homeland Security Committee, is a Level 2 anti-terrorism trainer as an officer with the United States Army Reserve and has worked on issues of national security since 1996.  Delph represents portions of Hamilton and Marion counties.



Hoosier Mama said...

What's wrong with this bill? It simply asks Indiana Businesses not to knowingly break a federal law. That's what you call immigrant baiting?

Are you against enforcing all federal laws or just those that don't match your racist agenda? Or do you just want to make sure the wealthy keep their exploited class?

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Hoosier said...

Immigration baiting? I think not! Immigration is when a person goes through the process and legally enters our country.

The alternate to that is break into our country illegally. That is called an Illegal Alien, not an immigrant.

This nation has laws and the legal citizens of the United States have demanded our representatives enforce those laws.

We owe illegal aliens nothing but a trip back to the country where they are legal citizens.

Why don't you concentrate on fixing Texas and let us Hoosiers take care of our own state? We don't need your help because we are on the right path now.

Incidentally, other states are following suit so expect to see more of this type of legislation.

Anonymous said...

In time of need do illegls sign up for the draft,I think not. They liketo fill thier pockets with money and govt.assistance,claim as many dependents as possible whether they live here or in mexico. Hypotheticaly if there was to be a depression,these illegals would run back to mexico.