Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Mother Always Said Our President Should be Handsome

In the early 60s when Kennedy was president, my mother would often mention how handsome he was. Thirty years later she said the same thing about Bill Clinton. She does not talk about the economy, Iraq, or women's rights - how the candidate rates on the handsome scale is what counts.

My question is - will Bill's handsome face be enough to get Hillary elected? Will my mother's pleasure watching a good looking man at the presidential podium transfer to a good looking First Husband (as in First Lady)?

Actually when I look at Hillary I think of how much women her age in important positions have a face lift - I wonder how often she colors her hair - it looks so perfect. Her skin looks great; I wonder, can they touch up her face on TV like the do in photos?

It may sound silly that I am focusing on these superficial issues, but as we all know, (unfortunately) the candidate's looks can make or break a campaign. How many remember the "checkered coat" of the Nixon Kennedy campaign? People say Kennedy won the election because Nixon wore a checkered coat during the debate.

Before you judge my mother and many other women, consider all the presidential elections they have seen - What consistency have they observed in campaign styles, motto's, and ultimate track record in office?

The polls are saying that Hillary is ahead (maybe it is her talented make-up artist) with Obama close behind - the present candidates look and sound attractive. They promise one thing or another (compassionate conservatism, no new taxes, a safer world) - but these promises change with the direction of the wind.

Hillary voted for the DREAM act, but a few weeks later balked on the driver's license issue for undocumented immigrants. Obama (who by the way is a nice looking guy) also voted for the DREAM act - presents a compassionate nature, wanting to give everybody (real?) hope - but then he mentions Ronald Reagan, who promised and then took away hope from most of the population (except the top tier rich).

John McCain (who is handsome in his own sort of way) proposed the initial Comprehensive Immigration Reform - a DREAM act supporter most of the way. The day of the vote he was not present - busy somewhere else. His disappearance mirrored his plummeting popularity because he was seen as pro-immigration. Now that he has won a primary or two, he is beginning to talk immigration again (help the 12 million regularize their status). Well maybe he is wanting the young men from that group of 12 million, since he has decided the U.S. should stay in Iraq for 100 years. Can you imagine how many recruits we would have?

Back to the issue of good looks;

I have arrived at a certain conclusion. The candidate's promotions are superficial and depend on the latest poll (accurate or not) - but at least we always know just how handsome they are.

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