Saturday, January 26, 2008

List of Hispanic Voters by State

Houston Chronicle
January 26, 2008

Nevada last Saturday became the first state with a significant Latino population to vote in the 2008 presidential nominating contest. But the Hispanic population of Florida -- which hosts next Tuesday's Republican presidential primary -- is far larger and much more Republican. Here are the states with the highest percentage of Hispanics among voters who cast ballots in the last presidential election and the winner there:

1. New Mexico 33.0 percent (Bush)
2. Texas 19.3 percent (Bush)
3. California 16.2 percent (Kerry)
4. Arizona 13.2 percent (Bush)
5. Florida 11.2 percent (Bush)
6. Nevada 8.3 percent (Bush)
7. New York 8.0 percent (Kerry)
8. Colorado 7.9 percent (Bush)
9. New Jersey 7.5 percent (Kerry)
10. Illinois 5.2 percent (Kerry)

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