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Ted Kennedy sings Jalisco for Obama

El Piolin -

It doesn't seem so unusual these days that Ted Kennedy is out there campaigning for Obama. I am a little surprised that he sang a bar of Jalisco on El Piolin's radio show. But what really gets me is the last comment in Giordano's Huffington Post article:

The Washington Post has reported that he [El Piolin] "beats Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh and Tom Joyner every weekday morning, according to Arbitron ratings."

Yes, El Piolin (Eddie Sotelo) beats out Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh (thank goodness), and Tom Joyner. No wonder everyone wants to sing for Obama on El Piolin's show.

Ted Kennedy Pushes Immigration Reform and Obama on the El Piolín Radio Show
Huffington Post
Al Giordano
January 31, 2008

The El Piolín radio show, the most popular Spanish-language radio show in America (strike that - see the update below - it is the most popular radio show in any language nationwide), with millions of listeners in California and nationwide, gave a BIG buildup for Teddy at 7:40 a.m. California time with a three minute pre-produced bio calling him "the best senator in America" highlighting Kennedy family history and his leadership on education, health care and immigration reform. Here are my notes:

- Teddy comes on, jokes that after hearing that he wants to come on the show every day after hearing the intro. Says he's challenging Arnold Schwarzenneger (a McCain supporter and Kennedy in-law) to an arm wrestling contest to decide which - Obama or McCain - will be president, and he wants show host Eddie Sotelo to be the judge. Sotelo agrees.

- Kennedy talks about the fight for immigration reform he waged "and at my side from the beginning was Barack Obama."

- "Obama's the one that can unite America to make this and other changes happen. He unites old and young, East and West, to bring change."

- Sotelo translates his words.

- Kennedy: "Only two senators marched for immigrant rights on May 1, 2006, one in Washington and the other in Chicago. I marched in Washington and Barack Obama marched in Chicago. He was not afraid to stand up when others wouldn't."

- Obama has led in health care for children, in education and jobs.

- "Obama will lead the change and I will be there at his side."

- "70,000 Hispanics have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. More than 11 percent of all the casualties in this war have been Hispanic. The Hispanic youth are patriotic and have served this country."

- "I'm committed to coming back on the immigration bill and Barack Obama will be with me. He is the one candidate who has said that he can do this in his first term. There's too many people that are living in the shadows. Men and women of dignity who love their families who love their faith. I'm on their side and Barack Obama is on their side."

- Sotelo continues translating for his listeners.

- Kennedy pushes his event for Obama with US Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-California) at East Los Angeles Community College, 9:30 a.m. tomorrow. Makes a "personal invitation" to the listeners to attend.

- "I'll do my best to be there after my show," says Sotelo.

- Kennedy stresses again that we need Obama to make the changes we want.

- Sotelo begins a series of gag questions (it's a comedy show) for Kennedy, saying, "Senator, please finish each sentence..."

- "My most embarrassing experience is...?" Kennedy: "Singing 'Jalisco' on your radio show. I didn't sing it with all the technique it deserves. I've been practicing. Then he sings a few bars."

- "My biggest regret is...?" Kennedy: "I haven't had enough time on the El Piolin radio show." Says he wants to be a co-host "to improve the ratings."

- "I have a question for you, Eddie: Will it be the Piolin-Kennedy show or the Kennedy-Piolin show?"

- Sotelo: "Kennedy-Piolin because we really respect you and you're the greatest senator."

- "Building a wall across the border is a...?" Kennedy: "I have been against the wall. It makes no sense. For every wall you have that's 40 feet someone will have a ladder that's 41 feet and someone will have a tunnel beneath it."

- Sotelo and a woman that co-hosts translate again.

- "Hispanics who have the opportunity to vote and don't, they are...?" Kennedy: "They are not looking after the interest of their children and their families because by voting they can make a difference for the wellbeing of their children and their families."

- "We now have a backlog of Hispanics that want to be able to vote. The fee for naturalization has gone from $350 to $800. And if you want to become a citizen the administration now makes you wait a year and a half. That's absolutely outrageous and intolerable. And Barack Obama is working on that with me, too."

- More translation.

- "Senator, if Mr. Barack Obama becomes the next president of the United States who would you recommend as Vice President?"

- Kennedy: "As soon as he gets the nomination I'll call you on your program and we'll have 'a secret conversation on the air' and you'll let me know your choice and I'll pass it on to him."

- Asked to sing "Jalisco" again. Sings a bar. "All the best, my friends."

- Sotelo: We appreciate that you sing to us, Senator. We're going to work hard together. Ends with an upbeat gospel version of "God Bless America.... My home sweet home."

You simply cannot pay for advertising like that, nor underestimate its impact on the vote next Tuesday particularly in California.

Update: As for Sotelo's ratings, The Washington Post has reported that he "beats Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh and Tom Joyner every weekday morning, according to Arbitron ratings."

The original version of this story was published at The Field.

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