Saturday, February 2, 2008

A word on political opinions

As I am posting articles from different newspapers about the 2008 presidential candidates I am very aware that I am not actually able to technically endorse anyone. I work for a large, public university, and even though tenure does allow for free speech, it would not be in the university's best interest for me to endorse one candidate or another. In addition, my writing does not reflect the intentions and opinions of my employer.

My main objective is for the reader to question and analyze what is being publicized regarding immigration, the 2008 presidential election, and general issues of social justice around the world. My heart is really with the DREAMERS (undocumented college students), but the reality is that their struggles are tightly interwoven with other national and world events such as globalization, political candidacies, economic disruption, and human rights issues - to understand the DREAMERS we need to know about many other things.


footballdj said...

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Marie-Theresa Hernández said...

You are right -- immigration issues encompass much more than people coming here from Mexico.

I understand that there are now problems across the board for just about everyone that wants some type of visa. The only people that seem to have it easier are those who are very very wealthy or famous in some (positive) way.

It's worth doing a little research on this.