Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A few details on S.A.V.E. and the Discharge Petition

Below we posted a commentary from Politico's The Crypt that responds to the magazine's article on the S.A.V.E. Act.

The media continues to avoid publishing anything on H.B. 4088

One thing lacking in this comment is compassion.

A discharge petition circumvents the legislative process by "discharging" the bill from the committee with jurisdiction and preventing amendments. This is a back-door approach to legislating that undermines the democratic process and shortchanges the public. Instead of systematically addressing the problems in the broken immigration system, the SAVE Act throws more money at the border, mandates use of a flawed employer verification system, and spends more taxpayer dollars on prosecuting and removing needed workers. It simply pushes the much bigger problems under the rug. Not ONCE in this entire argument has ANYONE (Congress Members, Editorial writers, etc) given some serious thought and argument to THE ROOT CAUSES of why immigrants come to the U.S. in the first place: unfair, unethical trade agreements that force down the price of the only goods that they used to survive in the first place, and leave them without jobs or means to provide for their family. If you want to address the immigration issues in this country, you need to start taking a good look at the very legislation that this country enacts and that the president signs into law that causes immigrants to come here in the first place. Is is really a coincidence that the past 15 years have seen a stead increase of immigrants? (NAFTA was enacted in 1994).

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