Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More on the 80 yr old arrested for his anti-war t-shirt

dreamacttexas received this comment today on the post about the 80 yr old getting arrested at the Smith Haven mall. It seemed best to post it on its own to make sure everyone would see it:

April 2, 2008

Regarding the arrest of DOn Zimmer, the 80-year old former military chaplain, he wasn't even demonstrating when he was arrested. He was sitting in the food court of the Smithhaven Mall trying to digest a cup of coffee and some french fries when mall security guards approached him and demanded that he either remove or turn inside out the antiwar t-shirt he was wearing.

I attended the demonstration. This arrest and the companion arrest of Susan McKeon Steinmann, makes me wonder if we are living in a democracy.

I urge everyone who cares about democracy to write,email and phone the corporate entity which owns the Smithhaven Mall and explain the Bill of Rights to them. Here is their address:

Simon Property Group, Inc.
225 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

(317) 636-1600

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