Monday, April 7, 2008


FAIR Federation for American Immigration Reform

CCIR California Coalition for Immigration Reform

CIS Center for Immigration Studies

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ragemail said...

Here are some more anti-immigrant groups. with Roy Beck, Ann Manetes, Rosemary Jenks, with Dan Stein, and and, with Dr. Diana Hull, with Jason Mrochek,, with William Gheen, with Xelan Bonn, with Steve Elliot, and with David Durham.
As well, the two most prominent sites are (which is funded by nativist Peter Brimelow) and contains a virtual roadmap of hate-groups in its content section. The other most prominent site is Michelle Malkin. If you start looking at their contacts, you will see a lot of cross-fertilization and coordination (which explains why the same crap comes out Lou Dobbs' and Tom Tancredo's mouths). Check out my blog, for detailed profiles of some of the prominent nativists.