Friday, April 30, 2010

Baseball Putting Pressure on Arizona

If you were Augie Ojeda, would you take your family to Arizona?


Seeking the best way to boycott Arizona over immigration law

Washington Post - Thursday, April 29, 2010

The question isn't whether to start an economic boycott to pressure Arizona to repeal its new immigration law. For me, that's a given.

The question is which products and services to blacklist to get results fastest, while minimizing needless harm.  Proposals abound already. Conventions. Tourism. Lettuce (a major Arizona product).

I vote to start with baseball, and I'm not alone. National and local Latino groups are actively discussing whether to urge people to boycott Arizona Diamondbacks games. One reason: Some of the team's owners are big donors to politicians who backed the bill. link to complete WPO article

 ...The baseball players’ union said it opposed the law and raised concerns about how foreign-born players, who make up about a quarter of major league rosters, and their families would be affected.
Half of the league’s 30 teams have spring training facilities in Arizona, and the All-Star Game is scheduled to be played at the Arizona Diamondbacks’ stadium in Phoenix next year...   link to complete NYT article

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