Monday, April 26, 2010

Boycotting Arizona

Quoted in the Houston Chronicle, the Governor of Arizona told her Attorney General that she was not worried about the U.S. Constitution, since most of her constituents wanted her to sign the bill into law.

Aren't elected officials obligated to adhere to the Constitution?  Maybe Arizona believes it is immune from the rule of law.
Democrats lead calls to boycott Arizona over immigration bill
• Opposition to policy gathers momentum across US
• Critics say law will lead to victimisation of Latinos
Calls grew across the US today for a boycott of Arizona over its new law giving the police the most draconian powers in the country to deal with illegal immigration.  Democratic members of Congress, religious leaders and leftwing activists urged a boycott of hotels, convention centres and other economic targets in the state. At least one nationwide group has responded by cancelling a convention planned for the autumn. Scores of lorry drivers were reported in the US media to have threatened to stop carrying loads to and from the state.  The calls are being made spontaneously by individuals and an array of groups, but leftwing activists predict they will soon coalesce into a single campaign. link to complete article

link to video from France 24


Anonymous said...

Children are Watching

by stopdainsanity2

When I entered kindergarten – I was put into a class for the mentally retarded. Because my skin was brown my teacher assumed I did not speak English and required special bilingual support which was not available at the time. Yes – I was a Mexican-American citizen child AND I spoke English.

It literally took 2 weeks for my parents to force the school to place me in the mainstream kindergarten class — even though I could respond to questions in English. At the time if was easier for frustrated- overworked teachers (not bad people) to send me to the special needs class – no questions asked – based on my skin color. Although the error was corrected, as a child I never lost the feeling I was not welcomed and somehow my rights as a citizen were not equal to those of white americans. Be careful – children are watching.

Felix Jaure said...

The Dream Act, was the first step in the right direction in solving the problem of illegal immigration.

The steps required to obtain legal status in the country for the children of illegal immigrants would require that within the six year period of temporary residence, student's must have received a degree from an institution of higher education in the United States or completed at least 2 years, in good standing, in a program for a bachelor's degree or higher degree in the United States," or have "served in the uniformed services for at least 2 years.

The bill would have provided under its provisions, immigrants that would make a significant contribution, economically, as well as militarily. The Dream Act was not intended to be A free path to citizenship as led to believe by the opponents of the bill, but a challenge to each and every individual involved in the program.

Republicans who strongly opposed the bill, calling it another form of amnesty, and a reward for illegal entry into the country were successful in their opposition, not withstanding the advice given by top officials of the Pentagon who favored the bill along with various civil rights groups.

G.O.P. constituents made their voices heard in the November elections. Top and foremost on their agenda was immigration, which included blocking any attempt in providing a path for the children of illegal immigrants to become lawful citizens. Could this have been a once in a life time opportunity for America to finally establish a blue print for all future immigration policies?

Tensions run deep when it comes to immigration. Negative publicity on the matter has played a major role in not being able to find a practical, and logical solution to the problem.

Immigration reform is temporally out of service in Washington. Unfortunately the innocent children of undocumented aliens are caught up in the middle of a political feud between the Hatfield's, (Democrats) and McCoys,( Republicans) with no bipartisan relief in sight. In addition, they face a nation unwilling to take into consideration the circumstances that led to their predicament.

We identify ourselves as a nation of immigrants, and our assessment is correct. At the present time the country seems to be suffering from mass amnesia. Perhaps we should all take a closer look in the mirror, It might just bring back to memory, what America is composed of

Felix Jaure said...

It's evident, that America is no longer in need of the guest, who at a time, was greeted, at the back entrance of our nation.The welcome mat was placed secretly in our southern border.

WE lured them with hope, they were easy to entice. We gave them our crumbs, they were content. With their sweat, we build our cities, and railroads. They gathered the harvest of our fields. We dined from their callused hands. We profited from their ignorance; their labor was transformed into gold.

They have altogether been forgotten, their labor has been in vain, the sweat that made you rich America, has evaporated, and so has the memory of the contribution they made in your factories, and in your fields of harvest.

They only took what no man wanted, now you refer to them as criminals, and thieves, that rob you of your riches.

America is now prepared to offer them a new position as scape goats, in the world of politics. Their credentials (illegal) meet their employers criteria. They are to be employed by the Republican, and Tea Party, solely for re-election purposes.

The position requires no education, no former experience is necessary. Application forms can be obtained at any Arizona government office.

It's rather difficult, to blame the illegal alien for our immigration problems, after all, who is to blame, the fish, or the one with the fishing rod, who lured him with an irresistible bate; with a promise of a better life. .