Friday, April 2, 2010

France Moves to the Right

Government moves to further tighten immigration laws


French Immigration Minister Eric Besson (pictured) has unveiled a bill to toughen immigration rules and penalties against those employing foreigners without work permits. It is the sixth time since 2002 that France has tried to tighten such laws.
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AFP - The French government unveiled a bill on Wednesday to toughen immigration rules and impose strict penalties on anyone employing foreigners without work permits, raising howls of protest from human rights groups.

It is the sixth time since 2002 that France has looked to tighten its immigration laws and comes after President Nicolas Sarkozy launched a debate on national identity that critics say pandered to far-right extremists.

Immigration Minister Eric Besson, who has recently backed calls for a French ban on the full-face Muslim veil, or burqa, presented the bill to the cabinet on Wednesday.

Amongst the measures was a move to increase the time illegal immigrants can be held in detention to 45 days from 32, after which the authorities have to make a decision on whether to expel them or further investigate their request for to complete article

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