Friday, April 9, 2010

My Struggle

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Trail of Dreams

This is a poem that a DREAMer sent to us.

I was born not here nor there
As I did not where I was going
The moon and the sun and the clouds
Brought me to where I call home

I was born of a dream as a dreamer
With the sweat and tears of my parents
I was brought here for a better life
I encountered a bitter world

I struggled like those who look like me
And I persevered like those who are like me
I struggled no more for the end is near
The future is bright and the hope is alive

I walk with the weight of millions on my shoulder
With the eyes upon me of hatred and support
I walk with my head up high and my goal in sight
I walk for my future and the future of many.

I was born not here nor there
And here became my life

By Luis Escobar

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