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DREAMer Released from Detention: Saving Julio - It took a National Response, but IT WORKED!

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From CitizenOrange

Julio Martinez Released


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Nineteen-year-old Julio Martinez was
released from immigration detention on Thursday after two weeks of intensive organizing on his behalf by supporters in Kentucky and Chicago. As in other cases of Dream Act-eligible youth around the country, Julio's local community refused to accept the harsh laws that mandated his deportation after growing up in the U.S. Julio's crime was missing a court date as a child, something over which he had no control. Absent the efforts of Julio's supporters in Kentucky, including members of his church, friends of the family, local college students, and organizer Erin Howard, he would have been deported already just like the thousands of Dream Act-eligible youth who have slipped under the radar.

But Julio's lawyer, Rachel Newton, says he is not out of the woods yet. While he is not detained right now, he is still in removal proceedings and under a very real threat of deportation. First, the immigration judge handling the case must agree to reopen the removal order Julio received when he was nine years old, no sure thing. Then, "[o]nce the case is reopened, Julio still has to convince the judge that he is eligible for and should be granted some form of relief from removal," according to Newton.

"These cases are very hard to get approved, even under better circumstances."

From Flavia at DreamActivist yesterday:

Today, Julio is on a church retreat, catching up with his family and friends. This wonderful outcome is a direct result of the outpouring of support from his Frankfort, Kentucky community, his representatives Congressman Chandler and Senator Bunning, and you, DREAM Act students and allies from across the country. Today we see our tremendous collective power, we express our gratitude for Julio's release, and we thank Julio's congressional represenatitves. But most important of all, today we say this fight is far from over and we resolve our determination to keep Julio from being deported. After his 12-hour drive home to Kentucky, Julio thanks us all with this sentiment: "I am so happy I am out. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel. And I will be in touch with you all very soon because this is not over; its not over for me nor all the DREAMers waiting to truly be free."

Julio still faces deportation despite all of our best efforts. With few legal options remaining to him, we must ensure he stays in his community united with his family. Senator Bunning and Congressman Chandler must introduce a private bill on Julio's behalf into congress. They will not do this without feeling the pressure, without every single one of us - yes, you too - calling them and hearing our sense of urgency. If they do not act now, their efforts will have been futile. Make sure your message is heard loud and clear - We thank you for all of your support so far, ensure justice and keep Julio reuited with his family - introduce a private bill on his behalf NOW!

Below are the contact numbers for their offices:

1) Senator John Bunning: (202) 224-4343
Ask Senator Bunning to introduce a Private Bill for Julio immediately. Julio is an outstanding young person who knows no other home but the United States. His case has exceptional circumstances and he should not be forced to leave his home and his family.

3) Call Congressman Ben Chandler: (202) 225-4706
Ask Congressman Chandler to introduce a Private Bill for Julio immediately. Julio is an outstanding young person who knows no other home but the United States. His case has exceptional circumstances and he should not be forced to leave his home and his family.

Julio still needs our support, but his release represents a tremendous victory for Julio's supporters in Kentucky and the Dream Act network that helped organize to stop his deportation.

Julio's case affirms my belief that most Americans with little prior knowledge of the immigration system who get to know a local Dreamer and understand that there is nothing that person can do to avoid deportation under current law respond with disbelief and anger. They mobilize to stop a deportation. Even politicians who typically fall on the enforcement side of the debate respond favorably to that kind of community engagement, Senator Bunning's support of Julio being a case in point.

This is a primary reason organizers and advocates should turn efforts away from the chimera of comprehensive reform in 2010, the elusive silver bullet that the Democratic leadership persistently refuses to move on, and work to pass the Dream Act this year.

Pass the Dream Act. Pass it now. link to article

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Thanks for the link to Citizen Orange and all that you do! The best think about Julio's case is that it put pressure on Jim Bunning of Kentucky.