Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Health: "Incredibly Alarming" - 24,000 in UK die every year from Diabetes

Don't think this is so different from the U.S.
Audit gives 'incredibly alarming' estimate of deaths due to inadequate healthcare or failure to manage condition properly

Up to 24,000 people with diabetes are dying avoidably each year because they do not receive the right healthcare or do not manage their condition properly, a government-commissioned report has revealed.

The "incredibly alarming" figure is the first estimate of the number of patients who die early because a failure to have health checks, take drugs at the right time and maintain a healthy lifestyle increased their risk of dangerously high or low blood sugar, heart failure or kidney problems.

While three-quarters of the 24,000 deaths are among the over-65s, younger patients are most at risk. Two young people aged 15 to 34 in England are believed to die every week as a to complete article

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