Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kermit the Communist (Frog)

My students told me about this last week - it was hard to believe, until I saw it in the London Guardian today.

The truth is that many films and novels are produced as vehicles to promote a particular ideology - not necessarily a bad thing.  It is a more subtle way to promote an idea - Sometimes more truth can be told in a movie or a book than in a newscast or government report.

The muppet movie is supposed to be against big oil - and non-stop drilling - according to the students.
Perhaps the Muppets will be more persuasive than our current protesters.

Maybe the Muppets should make a movie about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

By the way, I could be a little offended by the way the Texas Oilman was portrayed- being that I live in Texas.  But then, I don't live in Rich Tex's  part of town.  Click here for link to the Fox report on the Communist Muppets.

*Disclosure - my kids and I saw all the Muppet Movies several times.  We constantly played the soundtrack to the first movie - and watched every episode of the Muppet TV Show.  Kermit and Beeker live in my office at the university.  In fact, my office is painted Kermit Green.


From the London Guardian Short Cuts Blog
Fox anchor Eric Bolling says the new Muppets movie pushes a dangerous liberal agenda – but what about Kermit's previous films?

...If you haven't heard the story yet let me take you – with a heavy heart – back to Friday, when Fox Business Network anchor Eric Bolling announced that the new Muppet movie featured a character named Tex Richman, a greedy oil executive who wants to drill under the Muppets' theatre. The discussion that followed didn't just typify the Fox News mission to recast the outside world as leftwing propaganda; it threatened to usher in a whole new paradigm of stupid.

"Liberal Hollywood depicting a successful businessman as evil – that's not new," said Bolling. He asked his guest, media-bias alarmist Dan Gainor, if Hollywood was deliberately trying to brainwash kids.

"Absolutely," said Gainor. "And they've been doing it for decades." He pointed out that oil could be used to "light a hospital" or "fuel an ambulance". "They don't want to tell that story," he said.

Bolling's Fox News colleague Andrea Tantaros chimed in, saying: "I just wish liberals could leave little kids alone." Bolling wondered aloud why the Muppets couldn't, for once, "have the evil person be the Obama administration". It only remained for him to throw up his hands and cry: "Where are we? Communist China?"...MORE
Huffington Post:  
The Muppets are Communist, Fox Business Network Says

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Ryan A. said...

Someone should probably inform Gainor that there are other sources of energy to "light a hospital" or "fuel an ambulance".
But, wait, I forgot. I'm just a big ol' product of left-wing brain wash :-p