Friday, December 16, 2011

Immigration: Its poor immigrants they want to catch, not the rich ones

Lady liberty isn't accepting the poor and unwanted anymore.  That is why she is not blinking at the establishment of those inhumane laws in Arizona and Alabama.  She has been taken over by American Capitalism.


US immigration laws bow to the bigots and the opportunists

Laws in Arizona and Alabama have given bigots with badges a licence to go after Latinos and the poor,
When it comes to the push against immigration in the US, two things should be made clear. First of all, it is not in truth a push against immigrants per se but against poor foreigners.

The US has no problem with wealthy outsiders. A rare example of bipartisan legislation recently was the Visit USA Act, by Democrat Charles Schumer and Republican Mike Lee, which sought to fast-track visas for foreigners spending $500,000 on property. It would allow them and their families to live in America for as long as they owned their homes, but not to work or claim federal benefits. It's unlikely to become law; but it's also unlikely to be controversial to complete article

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