Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Immigration: Alabama Law might change - a little

Alabama is beginning to see the effects of its sordid immigration law.  The state's Attorney General is proposing some changes.  Even so, the law is still horrendous.  As the NYT notes, 12 Alabama State Senators have written to the Governor telling him "not to retreat" - what a mistake.


Editorial - NY Times

Alabama’s Second Thoughts

...Mr. Strange [Alabama's Attorney General] is urging lawmakers to drop some major provisions, including:
¶The requirement that schools collect immigration data on children and parents, which he said would cost too much for the benefit it would provide.

¶The part making it a crime for immigrants not to carry their papers, which is illegal under federal law.
¶The part barring people from college if they do not have documents, because some people, like certain refugees, can be here legally without documents.

¶The sections that allow Alabama residents to sue officials they believe are not adequately enforcing the law, because of conflicts with the state Constitution....link to complete article

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