Sunday, May 3, 2009

Michelle Obama: The Real Dream

Can you be a grown up and still have a role model? Can you idealize someone and not feel stupid? I hope so.

A few weeks ago I was at Reagan Airport in Washington DC, waiting for a flight. I walked into a small shop and saw a Michelle Obama doll. I called my husband and told him I wanted the doll. He kind of chuckled. She cost $25. It seemed kind of silly since I am in my 50s, have a 31 year old married son, and a 27 year old daughter. Plus I am a tenured college professor who has published 2 books. Not only that. I am not African American. I am of Mexican descent.

Well, I didn't buy the doll, and now I regret it.

Oh, but Michelle is really something.  She has a voice.  She isn't just a pretty picture looking for some charity to endorse.  You know that she gives her husband an earful everyday - She will help keep him and our country on track.

Today's London Guardian published commentary about Michelle Obama, by a number of different women.

Reasons why I like Michelle Obama:

1. She is an Ivy League educated First Lady who doesn't play dumb.

2. She is honest and candid: admitted that she had lost faith in our country (before Barack's election).

3. She gets along with her Mom - and likes having her nearby.

4. She is a superior achiever - and comes from a really special, hard working family. Who else do you know that grew up with their bedroom as the living room and still went to Princeton?

5. She really likes her husband.

6. She admits she has a goofy dog.

7. She treated Queen Elizabeth like a real person.

8. She takes her job as a Mom seriously and carefully considers the developmental needs of her daughters.

9. She has an organic garden.

10. She doesn't feel she needs to wear only "designer clothes" - and has given new, upcoming designers a chance instead of going with only the "old faithfuls."

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