Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kill a person and its considered assault not murder?

They beat Luis Ramirez. They beat him to a pulp. A jury in Shennandoah, Pennsylvania said the boys did not murder Ramirez. But how can this be since Ramirez died? In an irrational moment of myopic justice, a jury has decided that two teenage boys were only beating Luis Ramirez - and that the consequences of their physical actions apparently didn't count. Seems to me that the people on the jury were thinking with only part of their brains. How many murder convictions have been decided when there is an assault that leads to the death of the victim?

The newspaper articles say it was an all white jury. So was the jury in Simi Valley, CA who decided the L.A. policemen were not guilty in the beating of Rodney King in 1992 (judge for yourself, link to video of King beating:

It sounds like the Pennsylvania jury made up a fantasy about what happened. The bottom line is that Luis Ramirez died from being beaten by Derrick Donchak and Brandon Piekarsky.

see "Pa. teens cleared of serious charges in beating," Washington Post/AP, May 3, 2009

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Vicente Duque said...

What Latinos and Minorities should do after the acquittal ot the Terrorist Cowards of Shenandoah Pennsylvania

I am going to tell you what Latinos and Minorities should do after this Circus of Perversion that was the Trial of these Acquitted Terrorists, absolved by their own sympathizers, a town filled with Racists, Cowards and Terrorists. ( not all but many, if not the majority of this sadistic town ).

It is very simple : Do not cooperate with a System of Bastardy, Racism and Terror. Do not cooperate with Cruelty, Sadism, and Evil.

Do not go to foreign countries to kill innocent people. Do not go to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to commit more crimes and murders. Do not go to foreign countries to kill innocent people. Do not vote or applaud for the U. S. terrorizing of those poor nations.

Wasn't three million Asiatics murdered in Vietnam not enough ??

Practice the teaching of Great Americans like Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson that taught Civil Disobedience. Those teachings were later applied by the Sufragettes to obtain the vote for Women ( they were beaten and tortured ), Gandhi in India and Martin Luther King.

You do not have to practice murder even if the system is Murderous.

Why should you kill innocents in Islamic Countries ??. Why should you go in a "Crusade" ( the word is from George W. Bush ) if your safety is not assured in your own country ??

Better to be killed than to kill, better to be deported anywhere, better to be jailed than to be another bastard of the system.

Do not be a fool, do not believe the lies of the system about you living in a paradise and the other countries to the South being Hell. That is not true, that is totally false, that is idiotic, I assure you.

And do not be a coward terrorist working in a prison of "Enhanced Interrogation" and torturing others, with waterboarding and other tortures, so much appreciated by those Racists of Hate TV and other Perverted clowns of the system.

Vicente Duque