Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our cows are killing our earth

This morning I opened up the web page of the London Guardian and found this startling information:

"the livestock industry is responsible for a staggering 18% of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions."

I knew something was strange when I drove by a cattle feed lot in the San Joaquin Valley and couldn't breathe easily for miles.  The smell was so horrible I wanted to throw up.  I couldn't imagine how people could live nearby.  The smell was even worse than the one emitted by the horse meat factory near Monterrey, Nuevo Leon that I used to go by when I lived in Mexico.

It is interesting that this information (and about the village in Belgium that is not eating meat once a week) doesn't make it to the U.S. newspapers.

"Can vegetarians save the world?" London Guardian, May 16, 2009

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