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Diego Ortiz visits the Trail of DREAMs

Posted on March 17, 2010 by meagan

©2010 Diego M. Ortiz

from: Columbia and Spartanburg, SC

Trail of Dreams

A troop of brave students are walking

From Miami Florida to Washington DC

To raise awareness and support for down-trotted

Dreamers like me.

As the core four keep tugging along

They are sure to find that the road is long,

But out of the shadows and into the light

Their courage and spirit together shines bright,

And they carry with them more than just heart

Though it’s become apparent right from the start,

That ambition and passion has set them apart.

Now on the asphalt road of the US Southeast,

They walk and singsong for justice and peace.

And on May 1st when they reach their destination--

The capital of this great American nation,

They’ll walk right up without hesitation

To the hall where learned men write legislation

And the brave dreamers will articulate our situation.

If the legislators in their cozy chairs care to listen

And the four illustrate what this country is missing,

Then soon our darkened smiles will start to glisten.

I predict that we would all see a new-found patriotism and optimism

When the shunned youth are given means for altruism.

It started with a dream; it grew into a movement,

And then four began to march.

Their goal: a nationwide improvement.

So walk young humanists, walk courage ones.

Walk together. Fight blisters and sores

Because blisters heal and callous and toughen the skin,

And sore muscles harden with strength to fight on.

We are a bruised generation and we live vicariously through them.

One step closer to a dream.

For anyone in need of motivation, who is looking for a “pick-me –up,” for a reason to get out of bed in the morning, for some reassurance that this cheerless state of affairs will improve, look no further than the four brave students walking the Trail of Dreams 2010. I have had the pleasure to meet Gabby, Carlos, Juan and Felipe in person and for a brief moment I was permitted a glimpse into their lives. What I found was a fountain of inspiration.

These four merchants of compassion are truly courageous and kind. They enjoy a genuine desire for making a difference in the lives of the millions of undocumented people in the United States. What sets them apart is that they allow their desire to manifest itself in a style that if left to blossom would produce a world of equality, kindness and humanity. These are the leaders of a movement that will empower a million voices to sing.

Their efforts are beginning to resonate across the country and as they walk the buzz grows more and more powerful. And like a spider that patiently weaves her web, so have the four students and their loyal support team weaved a net. But instead of feasting on the captured insects, these dream weavers are working to free the oppressed immigrants from the bondage of a broken immigration system.

They are humble and authentic romantics who are not afraid to dream. They are optimists who face the complexities of our struggle with realist’s lenses. They transcend contemporary values and they serve as a bridge connecting American ideals--from the revolution and the battle for independence; to the anti-slavery and abolitionist movement; to women’s suffrage; to the civil rights campaign. They serve as a reminder of what is right with America, but they stand against what is wrong in America.

They are lanterns of justice. They are beacons of peace. They are a guiding light for a country that has gone astray in the night. They are the incandescent proof that this generation relegated to the shadows has a bright future ahead. They are radiant leaders we invite to hoist our banner.

Other generations have had their Douglass’, their B. Anthony’s, their King’s, their Park’s, and now we, who are a generation of “X’s”, have heroes we can point to and say, “they walk for me because I can’t walk for myself.”

So carry on you sojourners for hope. Move forward you pilgrims for equal opportunity. Do this for me and for all of us who dream of one day telling our children the story of how this country’s greatness was restored out of the strength and conviction of a few students from Miami and the millions who they inspired.

Thank you Felipe Matos. Thank you Gabby Pacheco. Thank you Carlos Roa. Thank you Juan Rodriguez.

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