Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tomorrow, we will not be afraid
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Posted on March 3,
2010 by felipe

In times like today I think of my mother and her wisdom.
We were
separated by an unfair system and I can't go visit her due to my
status. Sometimes I really fear that her fragile health may make us
permenantly separated. Tomorrow would be a step towards a place where
people like us can know that they will not have to live with the pain
and stigma of being undocumented forever. We are building a world
human dignity comes first and each human being's dream is
valuable. I am
sooo inspired by the work this team does. One of the
students from SWER the
day he found out about his deportation order
went back home devasted and his
mother said: we will find a way to
make a way. This is exactly what this
action represents. We are
creating a way to have a voices heard. I love you
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