Thursday, March 18, 2010

Desperate Republicans

Republicans in denial over healthcare

They are desperate to persuade Democrats that healthcare reform will spell political disaster – but the opposite is true

Tim Fernholz, Wednesday 17 March 2010 22.32 GMT

Republicans are in denial. They're desperate to convince Democrats that passing comprehensive healthcare reform legislation will be the worst possible move they could make.

"If Speaker Pelosi rams this bill through the House using the reconciliation process, they will lose their majority in Congress in November," Eric Cantor, a top Republican House leader, said on Meet the Press just a few weeks ago.

You'd think Cantor, who could make a move for the speaker's chair if Republicans take back the majority, would be more circumspect about revealing his campaign strategy. Apparently, Republicans are so used to seeing Democrats quail before their threats that he must be ignoring the signs: pollsters say healthcare is looking more popular, as is the president. Now momentum is with the Democrats, who are ignoring Republican complaints about procedural issues to gather their party for a vote to pass the final to complete article

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