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Trail of DREAMs March 14

In your town, this very day

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Posted on March 14, 2010 by juan

Currently, in a city in the United States of America:

… a girl looks out at the world with the unconditional love of innocence –wondering when and if she will ever get to see her older sisters again;

… a father is clutching his son in his arms to shield him from the evening chill of a desert on the fringes a tiny border town –incubating an embodiment of the future that he always wished he could have provided for himself, and that will likely exceed his wildest expectations;

… a son is gripping his arms around his own waist wishing he could make a knot that could suffocate the internal pain of starvation at the end of a perilous journey to the promise of an opportunity he knows he may or may not ever reach;

… a future is being snuffed away from the fingertips of a high school graduate who got to see many sunrises studying for this very moment where his greatest aspirations are literally no more than a nine digit number away;

… there is a moment when a man in his twenties or thirties is venturing forth from his residence to seek employment, unsure if he will find any, be paid for his labor, or will even make it back home in the evening;

… a worker stares at the scars and bruises on her palms and forearms –the blisters, scrapes and gashes- knowing that if she so much as raises a gasp regarding her deteriorating health to her employer, she could very easily be scolded, fired, replaced by a man, or even handed over to officials who would charge her with the crime of trying to keep herself alive;

… a life counts away the seconds of its existence, wondering if a finely sharpened blade is a better or simpler answer to immobility when one can barely be acknowledged as a human being;

… a being presses its warm lips to the cheek of its mother, yearning to capture the love encompassed within the totality of that very moment lest a loud knocking sound at the door THIS night, taking it away from the beautiful woman that nurtured and blessed it with the opportunity of LIFE.

This year ALONE in America, 65,000 new students wonder if they will ever be able to sit in a lecture hall of a university or college, or if this country will continue to shut its doors on them only because they are missing a sheet of paper or a rectangular piece of plastic that somehow legitimizes their existence (when they never even had the volition to try to access it).

Currently, in the hearts and minds of millions of people in the United States of America, BEINGS are asking themselves if this country will continue to turn its eyes from the hundreds of thousands of innocent people who keep disappearing in our neighborhoods, and if our President and Congress will take the slightest initiative to preserve the fundamental values and principles that make the DREAM of liberty a possibility at all…

Only you can decide what you’ll do about it. When you’re ready...

Text “TRAIL” to 30644

and join me on this journey for liberation

link to http://www.trail2010.org/blog/2010/mar/14/your-town-very-day/

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