Monday, March 15, 2010

Made to Eat More

Did you know that processed food is often made with ingredients that will make you want to eat more?
Read this article and find out why chips make you hungry...
Obesity: The killer combination of salt, fat and sugar
Our favourite foods are making us fat, yet we can't resist, because eating them is changing our minds as well as bodies
David A Kessler The Guardian, Saturday 13 March 2010

For years I wondered why I was fat. I lost weight, gained it back, and lost it again – over and over and over. I owned suits in every size. As a former commissioner of the FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration), surely I should have the answer to my problems. Yet food held remarkable sway over my behaviour.

The latest science seemed to suggest being overweight was my destiny. I was fat because my body's "thermostat" was set high. If I lost weight, my body would try to get it back, slowing down my metabolism till I returned to my predetermined set to complete article

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