Friday, March 12, 2010

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Tragedy

Some people are actually keeping up with Arpaio, while the rest of us are just waiting to see how he will go down (meaning find failure).

This Diarist has been doing a great job of putting together information on [Arizona] Sheriff Joe Arpaio's appearance in Court to provide answers in one of the many cases of his abuse of power.

In the event you may be interested, RenderQT has done a lot of the preliminary work of research on this matter.


Today begins the end of Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona Update 3

by RenderQT
Wed Mar 10, 2010 at 09:01:50 AM PST
I don't need weathermen to tell me which way the wind blows, I walk the hills of the Guadalupe and smell the breeze, which is currently laden with the pollen of wild flowers.

My friend, the times are a-changing, changing, pendulums are swinging, old father time just rolled over, whatever is your flavor, it's a happening.

First Dark Ager MeLeroy goes down in Texas, possibly saving the education of an entire generation of Americans. This alone would have made March epic, but now the worst sheriff in the history of our republic, Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona, seems to have made a fatal mistake in his boss hog take over of his county.

He thought the internetz were a series of tubes with dump trucks in them.

Update 3: So there seems to be an issue, with court reporters being thrown out, other reporters being "delayed" and more antics at the courthouse this morning. I am getting feeds in and am waiting for a source to post so I can link you to it!

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First, Joe thought he was gonna get away with a slap on the hand:

Judge rips Sheriff Joe Arpaio on lost profile case files
by Craig Harris, The Arizona Republic - Feb. 13, 2010 12:00 AM

A federal judge has imposed sanctions on the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office for destroying evidence in a racial-profiling case, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio must answer questions regarding an immigration file he kept.

U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow's order, released Friday, also calls on the Sheriff's Office to try to recover e-mails that were deleted and to swear under oath to steps it took to gather the records.

I can just see this sworn testimony:

Judge Murray: Sheriff Arpaio, what did you do in your attempts to save your emails?
Lipstick Joe: Well your honor, I just kept hitting that delete button like a man possessed. I hit that delete button like it was a pancake and I was butter. I hit it like I was Ali making friends with Foreman. I hit it like it was candy and I was a kid at Halloween, hit delete over and over again, like a candy like button, shiny and red, deleting upon deleting until all evidence was gone. I hit the delete key to cover my tracks so much it only say "le" when I was finished.

Yeah, something like that.

What this all about anyway?

Melendres is seeking to stop what he calls "illegal, discriminatory and unauthorized enforcement of federal immigration laws against Hispanics in Maricopa County." The case now includes five individuals who claim deputies have detained them because of the color of their skin, and their lawyers have sought records from the sheriff's crime-suppression operations.

The Sheriff's Office has denied it engages in racial profiling, but the office has acknowledged it destroyed records from those sweeps and deleted e-mails among employees regarding those operations.

Being browner than a grocery bag was a crime in Joe's eyes. See, he doesn't like the immigrants, even though Joe was an anchor baby for his parents from Italy. Funny how that works.

So everyone thought this evidence was gone and Sheriff Joe was pretty confident he was gonna beat the system again, just like Boss Hogg. And there were no Duke boys to save the day, but there was an IT specialist.

See, Sheriff Joe's fatal flaw in his scheme was his complete lack of understanding of how the internet actually works. God bless him for it, because now he might actually have to answer for his actions.

Deleted e-mails by Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office subpoenaed by grand jury
by Jacques Billeaud, Associated Press - Mar. 8, 2010 05:50 PM

Maricopa County officials said Monday that a More...

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