Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Lonely Walk - Home

Either the immigration detention facility staff have negligible procedures in how they release inmates, or maybe they were angry because NY Governor Patterson let go Qing Hong Wu (who is an Information Technology executive). They did not tell Wu that he was being sent home, he thought he was being transferred to another facility. Whey his family called, they were not give any information. So he walked part of the way home, and thank goodness he had some bus fare... He arrived at home to find a cousin, his family had gone to look for him and was searching all over New Jersey looking for him.

Qing Hong Wu was detained for over four months because of a mugging he committed while a teenager came up in his record when he applied for citizenship.


For a Pardoned Detainee, Released but Not Told Why, a Lonely, Happy Trip Home

After four months locked in a New Jersey immigration jail facing deportation, Qing Hong Wu, 29, was told by guards to pack his things on Tuesday evening. Fearing that he was being abruptly transferred to a detention center in Texas or Louisiana, like many detainees with families in New York City, Mr. Wu asked other inmates to try to alert his fiancée. link to complete article

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