Saturday, October 8, 2011

Diary: On Religion

Is it fair to criticize people who are running for office based on their religion?  I have to admit, the Mormon religion does not seem very clear to me - it is secretive and controlling, it doesn't respect women.  However - that doesn't give people running for office the right to criticize others for their religious choices.  Perry is already in bad enough trouble with his campaign as it is.  Insulting Romney's religious preferences was really un-American....

This should go for Catholics, Mormons, Buddhists, Muslims -  even Wiccans.....  people have a right to their religious choice.


Mitt Romney hits back at Rick Perry in Mormonism row

Republican presidential frontrunner takes sideswipe at rival after Robert Jeffress, a friend of Perry's, calls religion a 'cult'
Mitt Romney

The Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney has taken a sideswipe at his main rival, Texas governor Rick Perry, in a row over the Mormon religion, an issue that until now had been simmering in the background.
Mormonism is regarded with suspicion by Christian evangelicals, many of whom, according to polls, have cited it as a reason for not voting for Romney.

Perry, who is struggling in the polls, stands to benefit from having the issue become part of the public debate but it could also backfire if it comes to be viewed as part of Texas dirty-tricks politics.

The issue was raised on Friday by the Texas Christian evangelical leader Robert Jeffress, who introduced Perry, a friend, at a conservative conference in Washington DC. Jeffress, speaking later to reporters, described Romney's Mormon religion as a cult and said Romney is not a Christian. "Every true born-again follower of Christ ought to embrace a Christian over a non-Christian," said Jeffress...more

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