Monday, October 10, 2011

Pinocchio Tracker? from the Washington Post

Great Idea - How many times do you just know the candidate is lying?  This "Tracker" is great if people will take seriously its results!  Go to the Washington Post Website to see the results on each candidate


Introducing the candidate Pinocchio tracker

We are pleased to launch our Pinocchio tracker for the 2012 campaign, developed with the brilliant assistance of Lori Williams at Tableau Software.

 At a glance, it will tell you how the various candidates have fared in Pinocchio checks. It lists each rating, with a link to the relevant article. If you hover over a candidate’s name, the tracker will also calculate the average number of Pinocchios a person has received. We plan to update this tracker at the end of every week.

 Conservatives may be pleased to see that President Obama has been graded far more than any other candidate, though they could knock The Fact Checker for giving what they believe are too many ratings on the lower end of the scale. We seriously have not kept track of this—we call ’em as we see ’em—but we think it is related to the fact that the president has a large staff for vetting his statements. We think it is no coincidence that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has an average rating similar to Obama’s, because he also has a good-sized research staff.

 Meanwhile, candidates who tend to shoot from the hip—such as Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.)—have ended up with far more Pinocchios.
 We have not yet decided what to do with candidates who have dropped out of the race, so for the moment former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty remains listed in the tracker. link

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