Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Absurdity of U.S. Politics - This is one reason why immigration legislation hasn't passed....

If the push for immigration disappears after November 2, we will know the truth.  


Rupert Cornwell: It's not just the Tea Party that's turned US politics into an absurdity

The collapse of the old Republican centre, the decline of compromise, and the rise of partisanship has turned every legislative debate into trench warfare

Saturday, 18 September 2010  -  London Independent

Darren Diss
Boy it's going to be fun. Complain all you like about the iniquities of the first-past-the-post system used in Britain and the US. It does at least produce rip-roaring election nights, fought out seat by seat, state by state, candidate by candidate – unlike worthy but oh-so-dreary PR, when the first percentage estimate of the national vote comes in, and basically that's it. And, in this year of the Tea Party, America's mid-term election night on 2 November is going to be a cracker.

The message of the primary season, which produced new upsets this week, is that more big names will tumble, and that garish outsiders will be sent to Washington, maybe even the ludicrously unqualified Christine O'Donnell in Delaware, catapulted to celebrity by a Sarah Palin tweet, to fill Joe Biden's old Senate seat. I even have a book title waiting, to sum it up: "Were You Still Up For Harry Reid?" link

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