Monday, September 27, 2010

Beware LIFELINE Systems - alert systems for older people

This has nothing to do with the DREAM Act.  However, I just want this to be known that my Mom who is elderly had an alert system with Lifeline Systems in Framingham, MA ----  As often happens with older people, she disconnected it and didn't tell me.  I had given the Lifeline people my number, but I was never notified.  we paid for 9 months of the service.... that they were not having to provide.  Today I tried to get it straightened out... asking for only 3 months of a refund, and they said no.  I got  $61.00 -  out of the $360.00 we paid for a system that wasn't connected.

So this is just a warning.  For one, watch out for those companies like LIFELINE that keep billing you every month.  They don't care what you are doing with their little box, even if you aren't using it... And also, keep an eye on your mother if she is over 80 ---  there are lots of things she doesn't tell you!

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