Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Notes on the DREAM Act Legislation from Law Professor Michael Olivas:

Breaking Developments on the DREAM Act

At the urging of Latino groups, and to jump start Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Sen. Reid has apparently opted for a down payment approach, with DREAM being the first building block toward future comprehensive reforms. AGJOBS will likely be the next step.

The DREAM Act will become the DREAM Amendment to a Department of Defense bill.  He also plans on two other amendments: (2) a repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell and (3) an overhaul of the "secret hold" tradition in the Senate to require public-disclosure moving forward.  There has been some language in the DoD legislative plans, such as their Strategic Goals in December 2009 [(“as well as the DREAM initiative”)];

This trio of amendments faces two main hurdles: Tuesday the 21st with a cloture vote to proceed, and sometime between late-Wednesday through Friday, with a cloture vote to amend each one to the main bill.  A successful cloture roll call would be 60, preventing a filibuster. 

Obviously, there will be many details to come. I will be in Wuhan, PRC, to speak on developments in the field of Sec. 529 prepaid college tuition from the 23rd through the 29th . (Maybe I should have left town earlier.)

This was first a small trickle: see the Attachment from La Opinion, above, picked up by Roll Call in July.

Sen. Reid made some comments on the issue at the Netroots Nation Conference in Las Vegas:  

Julia Preston reported on the withholding of removal for DREAM Act students who came to DOJ attention:

A few reporters have broken the more recent news: See, e.g.,

Spanish-language media broke the news before the mainstream press did: See,e.g.,

On the 14th, the Chronicle e-version had a brief mention:

On September 15, 2010, carried a short piece:

And Sen. John McCain, who took a walk on the 2007 DREAM Act vote, even though he had been an earlier supporter, had this to say:

Of course, all of this comes as my formerly-authoritative Wayne Law Review piece breaks into print, submitted to the press in May, and where I presciently predicted this would not happen. I will never have been so happy to have been wrong, should this come to pass. It is attached. Do I think that this is a cynical ploy, to attach several losing propositions to a DoD bill to shore up the base? Shocked, shocked I would be if that turned out to be the case. See, eg., Casablanca (Warner Brothers, 1942):  .

Michael A. Olivas

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