Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I didn't want to watch C-SPAN yesterday.  Law Professor Michael Olivas sent me an email saying they were talking about the DREAM Act.  But I had already watched the hearings twice in years past... and each time my heart hurt to listen to the Republican Senators say such awful things.  I just couldn't watch that again.

Things must be getting worse because this week the Border Conference of Governors only had one U.S. Governor (Richardson - New Mexico) show up, even though the Mexican Governors came.  Used to not be that way.  They say that the Governator was ill.  Rick Perry was too busy combing his hair.  The meeting was scheduled originally in Arizona, but if I was the Governor of Nuevo Leon, I would have been afraid to go there, they might arrest me for being Mexican.  So Richardson gave an invite to everybody.

It is truly a hard time for these types of things.  Doesn't help that so many people have lost their jobs and their homes.  Three friends I went to high school with were laid off, hard working competent people, who had been at their jobs 20 plus has been months and they still haven't found anything.

If the Senators were scared to go out on a limb before, they are surely afraid these days. You can tell things are crazy with the things some of the Senators are saying.  I never thought I would hear Lindsay Graham say that Birth Right Citizenship should be taken away.  If you want to know about that, look what has happened in Germany with the Turkish population that can't get citizenship.... it truly creates a really unfortunate and volatile situation. It sets up a real war between the groups when you keep one group from having a reasonable stake in the country they have lived in for years...

As for the DREAMERs... they will continue fighting... and eventually something will happen.  Not today, but soon.  Maybe what we should wish for first are some lawmakers that are not so chicken.

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