Friday, September 17, 2010

For those interested in the DREAM Act
Hi DREAM Supporter,
Did you call yesterday? Well if you did your call was one the over 10,000 calls we had yesterday!  We had a few offices in D.C. reporting that they were getting 7 calls in support for every call against.  Great work.

Today we are raising the stakes even more, we are asking for 15,000 calls in support of the DREAM Act.  That means you have to do everything you did yesterday and more.  So if you placed 25 calls yesterday, you need to either place 40 calls today or you need to get a friend to also make a dozen calls.

Think we can do it?

Remember if this is the first time you are going to call then just take a deep breath, it is really no sweat at all.  Each call you make will last as little as 30 seconds. Dial 1-888-254-5087, ask for one of the senators on the target list and say: "Hi, I am calling to ask that the senator support the DREAM Act when it goes up for a vote next week.  Thank you."
We are still sending an army of DREAMers to D.C. so please continue to contribute to them, $25 will support them for 1 day.

Lets make this another great day for the DREAM on Capital Hill!

Mohammad Abdollahi
co-founder of
P.S.  California made an amazing 3,000 calls yesterday, can any state beat them?
All of the work we do is volunteer run, consider making a donation to support us.

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