Wednesday, September 15, 2010

UK a Third World Country? What Would the Queen Think?

I wonder what Cardinal Kasper would say if he came to Houston, or visited our University of Houston campus.


Cardinal pulls out of visit to 'third world' UK

By Rosa Silverman and Lucy Christie, PA
Wednesday, 15 September 2010
Cardinal Walter Kasper in Moscow in 2004
REUTERS/Viktor Korotayev
Cardinal Walter Kasper in Moscow in 2004

A cardinal due to travel to the UK with the Pope has pulled out just days after claiming Britain was like a "third world country".

German-born Cardinal Walter Kasper, 77, was to make the trip as part of the Pope's entourage.
But the news followed an interview the Cardinal gave to German magazine Focus in which he commented on the Godlessness of a section of English society claiming Britain was facing an "aggressive new atheism" and that "Christians were at a disadvantage".

Asked about the protests expected to greet the Pope's visit, he remarked on Britain's multi-cultural inhabitants, telling the magazine that someone landing at Heathrow may think they were in a "third world country" as there was such a variety of faces there.

The Catholic Church in England and Wales distanced itself from Cardinal Kasper's comments.
A spokeswoman said: "The attributed comments of Cardinal Kasper do not represent the views of the Vatican, nor those of bishops in this country.

"Clearly they are the personal views of one individual. Catholics play a full part in this country's life and welcome the rich diversity of thought, culture and people which is so evident here.
"This historic visit marks a further development of the good relationship between the United Kingdom and the Holy See. We are confident that it will be a huge success."

Among the groups planning to protest the Papal visit are the survivors of abuse by Catholic priests.
Speaking as the final preparations were made for the four-day trip, a group of victims renewed their calls for the Pope to hand over all information on the scandal.

They demanded that Pope Benedict XVI "make amends" for their suffering by going further than offering an

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