Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Diary: On Reaching 300,000 Visitors

At 11 p.m. Central Time, Monday, October 31, Dream Act Texas received its 300,000th visitor.  Four years and three months ago I would have never dreamed that the blog would be so successful.  Even when I stopped posting for a while after my brother died this summer, I was shocked to see that the blog had become a living thing.  It continued to attract visitors and provide information without my entering any new posts.

We are no long focused solely on the DREAM Act.  I realize that the DREAMer organizations have left us for more focused sites.  We have added additional topics because we believe that health and social justice are extremely important to the well being of our nation and our people.  When I write "our people"  I mean everyone that lives in the U.S. - not just "citizens" but also any resident who does not have an authorized VISA.  We all belong here.  We all need to work towards being more informed - about health, our government, and our world.

Thanks to all our supporters.  On to our next 300,000!

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