Thursday, November 24, 2011

German Mercedes Free - Not Immigrants from Mexico

While the German Mercedes executive was able to easily work out of his arrest, thousands of others are not so lucky. His passport and driver's license were sent to him - he presented them to the judge and then he was freed.  It could be said that he didn't really break the law, he just didn't have the documents on him.  Yet the real difference is that he is a wealthy man - a "high end" foreign visitor.  As noted on our post on "DREAMers as High Skilled Immigrants" we desperately need people like the German Mercedes executive.  Money is the real issue.  If you are wealthy you can buy your way into America ((I assume that they avoid Alabama however).  Just interview a few wealthy Mexicans that live in the Woodlands area of Houston.  They are moving here in droves- running away from Mexico's narco-violence.  Immigration is a simple process for them.  All they need is a few hundred thousand dollars....


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Authorities in Alabama dropped charges Wednesday against a German Mercedes-Benz executive who was arrested under the state's stringent new illegal-immigration law after a police officer caught him driving without required identification....An associate of Hager's was able to retrieve his passport and a German driver's license, which led to executive being released soon after the arrest. Hager then presented the documents in municipal court and the charges were dropped, Anderson said Wednesday...MORE

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