Thursday, November 3, 2011

From the Global Revolution website

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Occupy London

(Photo: Paul Stein)

Welcome to the Global Revolution!

If your dream is to change the world together with the rest of the 99%, with unity, equality, and mutual respect, organized horizontally, under the demand for basic human rights to be given to all humans, as the power of governments, corporations and banks recede behind the horizon of the future, then we invite you to join us.

The Times: Ex-trader Vlad Teichberg spearheads global video protests

AT the centre of the Occupy Wall Street movement is a man with an excellent grasp of the international banking system. Specifically, Vlad Teichberg knows a lot about the repackaging of subprime debt into collateralised debt obligations, a measure widely blamed for triggering the global financial crisis. Indeed, he worked on several himself. Mr Teichberg, 39, is one of the original members of the Occupy Wall Street encampment and a prime mover in efforts to spread the protest movement worldwide and initiate a discussion of potential objectives via a global television network.

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