Sunday, November 27, 2011

Is Alabama in the United States?

As linked in a previous dreamacttexas post - an Alabama Congressman actually stated he "would do anything short of shoot" undocumented immigrants.  Click HERE for link to video and go to 44 seconds.


Click HERE  to see NYT slide show of
A New Civil Rights Movement

November 27, 2011 -New York Times Editorial

The Price of Intolerance

It’s early yet for a full accounting of the economic damage Alabama has done to itself with its radical new immigration law.

Farmers can tally the cost of crops left to rot as workers flee. Governments can calculate the loss of revenues when taxpayers flee. It’s harder to measure the price of a ruined business reputation or the value of investments lost or productivity lost as Alabamians stand in line for hours to prove their citizenship in any transaction with the government...MORE

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