Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Long March to D.C. - OWS

Occupy protesters plan 300-mile march from NYC to Washington

Protesters to set off from Wall Street to meet up with other Occupy movements on the way to DC
from the website occupywallst.org

A group of Occupy protesters plan to march nearly 300 miles from New York to Washington DC in a bid to end tax cuts which they say benefit the richest 1% of Americans.

The group will set off from Occupy Wall Street on Wednesday and walk 20 miles a day en route to the capital, their arrival planned to coincide with the Congressional deficit reduction super-committee meeting on 23 November.

Protesters will pass through other occupations during the course of the 'Occupy the highway' action, which they say will encourage people in rural communities to get involved in the movement.

"One of the people that is helping organise the march has wanted to do this since the first week," said Jason Coniglione, who was present at Occupy Wall Street's birth on 17 September...MORE

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