Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eating too much during the holidays?

It is now three days after Thanksgiving.  How much did you eat this past Thursday?  And you know this is just the beginning.  There are the holiday parties, the family get togethers, Christmas and New Years.... It feels hopeless.

So --- How can you prepare for the typical American holiday overeating orgy?

The Dallas Morning News has an article titled

How to compensate for Thanksgiving overeating - that provides a few suggestions:

1.  Burn extra calories before the big day and select one dietary indiscretion that makes it feel like a holiday. Use light recipes for the rest of the meal, such as butternut squash soup made with fat-free condensed milk instead of cream.

2.  Modify recipes rather than expect everyone to eat less; reduce the butter in grandma's cake by substituting applesauce.

3.  Consider a big salad and a vegetable plate or a broth- based soup as starters.

4.  Drink water before, during and after the meal.

5.  Have larger portions of lighter foods and smaller portions of heavier ones.

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