Saturday, November 12, 2011

The White Silicon Valley

Speaking of Silicon Valley and Race -   Would Steve Jobs have been just as successful if his Arab identity was more prominent?


November 11, 2011

CNN Sets Off a Debate on Race and Technology

For nearly two weeks, a debate ignited by a CNN documentary has raged on the Internet about the obstacles to success in Silicon Valley and whether the technology industry is as meritocratic and as color-blind as it aspires to be.

And the documentary hasn’t even had its premiere yet.

The program, “The New Promised Land: Silicon Valley,” is the fourth installment of the CNN series “Black in America.” Set to be televised on Sunday night, it features eight African Americans who hope to become entrepreneurs in what is widely recognized to be an industry dominated by white men...MORE

Huffington Post: 

Soledad O'Brien Talks 'Black in America: New Promised Land, Silicon Valley'

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