Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Police Throw 5,000 Books Out at OWS - Bloomberg's Office Says They Are in Storage

5,000 books reportedly thrown out in Occupy Wall Street raid

More than 5,000 books in the Occupy Wall Street library were reportedly thrown away when police moved in to remove protesters from Zuccotti Park in New York early Tuesday.

During the police raid, Occupy Wall Street librarians tweeted, "NYPD destroying american cultural history, they’re destroying the documents, the books, the artwork of an event in our nation’s history," Galleycat reports. "Right now, the NYPD are throwing over 5,000 books from our library into a dumpster. Will they burn them? … Call 311 or 212-639-9675 now and ask why Mayor Bloomberg is throwing the 5,554 books from our library into a dumpster."
The Village Voice has asked city officials what happened to the library books, but has not yet recieved a response.
"I watched the stuff thrown into sanitation trucks and just crushed," Lopi LaRoe, a 47-year-old Brooklyn artist, told a reporter.

The library, which started out as a box of books and grew to a collection of more than 5,000, was originally out in the open air. Rocker, poet and National Book Award winner Patti Smith donated a tent to house the library and protect the books from the weather...MORE

Huffington Post:
UPDATE II: The Twitter feed of the Mayor's office took a picture of the books and said that they are "safely stored @ 57th St Sanit Garage; can be picked up Weds."

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