Thursday, March 13, 2008

Censoring the media on HR4088

Looking around to find out who is sponsoring 4088 I found this commentary by

"We [Open Congress] are not currently finding any news articles on this topic using our daily automated search of Google News. However, if you know of a relevant news article to display here, OpenCongress site editors have the ability to add it manually. Simply e-mail us the web address of this page and the web address of your suggested news article: writeus |at| opencongress *dot* org.

[] We'll post relevant links as quickly as possible. Also, if this topic is important to you, you could write a letter to the editor -- if a news article refers this specific topic by name, a link to that news article is likely to appear here soon."

This is very significant - if Open Congress cannot find information on this bill that means most of the American people are also uninformed. Perhaps this is happening because the sponsors of the bill are concerned about getting into the spotlight. This bill will cause heartache and misery to millions of people. This bill makes Eliot Spitzer's romp with the expensive call girl look like cheating at checkers.

If our Congress goes through with this, the Sponsors of the S.A.V.E. act will have created their spot in the burning great beyond (and I don't mean heaven).


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