Tuesday, March 25, 2008

French Police search the "intimate parts" of rights activist

The title of this post may seem vulgar, but I believe it needs to be very clear, so that everyone who reads this will understand what happened to rights activist Fatimata M'Baye at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris.

The article mentions that these actions are part of Sarkozy's stringent anti-immigration measures. Has this happened in the U.S. but hasn't been reported?


Activist says threatened, stripped by French police

Tuesday, March 25, 2008; 4:40 PM
Washington Post

NOUAKCHOTT (Reuters) - A Mauritanian rights activist said French police threatened her, strip-searched her and detained her for 24 hours for protesting at the treatment of an illegal migrant being deported.

Fatimata M'Baye, head of the Mauritanian Human Rights Association, said around 20 police boarded her flight on March 11 and threatened to beat her and doctor Pierre-Marie Bernard after they complained about the condition of the shackled Mauritanian, who was being forcibly restrained by officers...

M'Baye, a lawyer and a Muslim, said she was subjected to an invasive strip-search and was considering legal action... "The most painful part of this affair was the body search. I was stripped completely naked and they searched my intimate parts, without any reason. It was humiliating. I consider it like a rape," M'Baye said...

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