Monday, March 17, 2008


Not long ago, I felt that LOVE was betraying me, and it did...Being in lOVE with someone is the greatest feeling one can have. To know that you have found your soul mate and create a family is for many their ultimate goal, being that you have control over the outcome. But when the government becomes involved in destroying families and ripping apart couples were LOVE is embedded, that's to show that American "values" are being destroyed by anti-immigrant laws. This story depicts what is happening to many families in a nation of "values" : Family Values. I encourage you to read the entire article as it motivated me more to continue advocating for comprehensive immigration reform...

Love story crosses borders

Linda met Aaron over the fryer at Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers in Des Moines in 1999. She was the boss, he the employee.

She didn't speak Spanish; he didn't speak English.

They communicated with their eyes, their voices, their smiles, as she showed him the ropes.

"I liked the way she was," Aaron said., "She was different from other people. She was more humble."

Linda was divorced with two children, and had worked her way up to general manager at Wendy's. Aaron was an undocumented immigrant, seeking a better life and more money for his family near Veracruz, Mexico.

They fell in love, which requires no words or green cards.

The two were married at her parent's house on Jan. 26, 2002, and became Aaron and Linda Ramirez. They had two boys, Tyler and Alex, in the next two years....

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